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In 1972, Gerry Gusenza and John Sebastian created the Sebastian Professional. Since then the brand is a symbol of innovations led by the insatiable thirst of its creators to change the rules of the game and especially to create their own. An interesting fact from the history of Sebastian Professional is that besides innovative formulas and products for hair care and styling, this is the brand that launches video training for stylists and hairdressers. Note that this happened as early as 1976, and in 2001 the brand continued in the spirit of innovation and launched the first on-line training. In addition to all this appears SEB MAN, part of the brand Sebastian Professional.

SEBMAN glorifies men in all their diversity. It helps them to cover the many different roles they play and not be restricted by narrow-minded definitions. Every man is much more than just a son, an employee, a boss. It is an incredible mix of roles that cannot and will not be limited in a certain framework.

SEBMAN presents a new range of hair care products, stylization and grooming, designed for men who refuse to be classified. It allows them to express their diversity in the most seamless way.

Orbico Beauty Bulgaria proudly announces that SEB MAN is already part of the rich portfolio of the company, and from the midst of September this year you can follow all the novelties and events related to the American brand in its profiles in Instagram and Facebook.

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Fb: @seb man bulgaria

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