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In 1908 the young Marquis M. Convers started his own company with a specially made winter clothing for men, women and children. Then he goes on with cloth tennis shoes. Subsequently, during the years in which the love for basketball was formed, Converse invented the All Star basketball shoe, thereby lighting the existing one century love affair of Americans with this sport.

Meanwhile, supported by Converse, Chuck Taylor, the most inspired, reliable and tireless supporter of the game puts as it`s priority to attract more people to this sport. Gradually, Converse began to make basketball shoes for the most famous teams of the country, who are familiar with the fact that they are introducing an improvisational style, in which a competitive game and a spirit of unity are laid. The pioneers of the game, who played with Converse shoes, set the standard to which everyone else is striving.

The brand launches in production a series of clothing, footwear and accessories for professional sports -basketball, tennis, football, wrestling and other sports. High-class athletes choose precisely Converse.

The nation's interest in basketball is growing, and Converse and basketball became synonymous after Chuck Tyler All Star's Shoes® massively enter professional sports, colleges and courses in high schools across the country.

In 80 and 90 years of the 20th century, Converse invested in research on biomechanics among athletes, leading to technical advances and a new generation of footwear for professional play. The list of legendary men and women athletes who wear Converse, grows. Meanwhile, the shoes of All Star Chuck Tyler continues to be a pillar of American culture.

In 2002, the brand has sold more than 750 million pairs of Chuck Taylor in 144 countries since its debut in 1923 year.

Since January 2020, CONVERSE has become part of the lifestyle portfolio of Orbico beauty.

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