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In 1908 the young Marquis M. Convers started his own company with a specially made winter clothing for men, women and children. Then he goes on with cloth tennis shoes. Subsequently, during the years in which the love for basketball was formed, Converse invented the All Star basketball shoe, thereby lighting the existing one century love affair of Americans with...

Dr. Martens

Klaus Martens was a doctor in the German army during World War II. During a vacation in 1945, he breaks his ankle while skiing in the Bavarian Alps. Finding his standard army boots too uncomfortable for his injured foot, he designs enhancements with soft leather and a cushioned airbag made of recycled tires. This is how the famous "Dr. Maertens'...


The portfolio of Orbico Beauty continues to grow and the newest brand, which begins to conquer the hearts of admirers of natural beauty and fast and easy to go make-up products, is called NUDESTIX.

The Canadian brand was created in 2014 by Jenny Frankel and was inspired by her two daughters, Taylor and Ally Frankel. Fun and multifunctional...

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